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H2O! The film

This second film produced by the Pass and by La PARTI production will give a yet more profound meaning to the word 'immersion': thanks to the 5D projection in the cubic theater, the audience is totally immersed in the film, all the more so in the stunning sequences of aquatic life filmed using the most advanced technologies.The 100 m2 screens on the left, right, top, bottom and facing the audience combined with the special surround-sound experience to enhance the spectacular quality of the show.

The challenges on a global level

The film presents a striking contrast between compelling images of water on earth and the distressing plight of those who today are totally deprived of the primary right to this essential ressource. The jolly merry-go-round of bottled water in our consumer society clashes dramatically with the images of young girls walking endlessly in their desperate quest for water in African countries. Billions of litres of water used for agriculture collide with millions of people suffering from water-related diseases. The figures are appalling as well: they remind us that we are responsible for the water ressources in our care, and that we depend on water as much as the fish we see struggling for life throughout the film. Excerpts of an interview by Riccardo Petrella, author of "The Water Manifesto: Arguments for a World Water Contract", underline the purpose of the film by stressing the right to a free access to water for all.