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activities for families As a family

As part of your visit of the exhibitions, take part in the various activities laid on throughout the day by the activity organisers. All the family can join in! Check the times on the Pass'erelle and Cafeteria screens.

Below is the list of activities habitually on offer during the holidays and week-ends. They are not all available each day. A selection is proposed to visitors. To discover the day of your visit. 


Family activities*

* proposed aside from the special programs

 workshop 3D printer3D printing

As part of the "Mister Machine" exhibition, take a closer look at this increasingly widespread technology. A member of staff creates small 3D objects in front of you and explains how the process works.



 Workshop The incomplete skakThe Incomplete HOUSE

In the "Quartier archi-chouette" (Super Cool District) of the Pass'Age of Discoverers, take part in building a house, from walls to roof and pipework. For all the family, but especially 4 to 7-year-olds.



Workshop RobotRobots

Whatever your age, there is a robot just for you! From little bees for the little ones, to more elaborate robots to programme by computer for the more seasoned inventors.



repair 3D


 Repairing an old toy? Now, thanks to the 3D printer! With simple software, learn to create the missing pieces to your broken object!


esprit maker


Create your first laser cutting production and discover creative shared resources.



cosmetics lab

 Cosmetics lab

What ingredients do you need to make cosmetics that are effective and good for your skin? Prepare your cream in the lab to find out....



experiences with microscopeDNA and Co

As part of the "Génétique" (Genetics) exhibition, look at your own cells under the microscope and find out how, with a bit of explanation, genetics isn't that complicated after all!





Cooking can be a science! You only need a handful of ingredients, a few carefully measured mixtures, lots of accuracy and… chemistry takes over!

Test molecular cooking!


connected objects


 They are called " connected objects " . But connected to what? Discover how these new types of objects around us.

My apps, my data MY APPS, MY DATA 

Use the sensors on your smartphone to create your very own app. It will let you to take part in creating a collective and very surprising artwork! (8 years and up)


Worshop about old colliery

  About coal

  In the "Le Grenier des Histoires" (Granary of Stories) exhibition, be the first to find the pieces of coal among the other stones, and go back in time with the stories of objects from the     past.


Worshop make an animated film

  Animated film

  Make an animated film on the computer, frame by frame, and discover the secrets of "stop motion". Choose your characters, think up a story and you're ready to roll!