New skin for the exhibition Body!

From 26 December, set off on an intimate journey inside your body! Find out what’s new in the “my body, my health” exhibition

Fancy going on a journey? Then look no further: we are inviting you to explore your body with the new look “My body, my health”  exhibition!

Our body is “this mass of matter that we inhabit”.  But how well do we really know it?

We take a closer look at our anatomy! What are our kidneys for? How does the heart work? How are all our organs connected to each other, and how do they work together to oil this surprising machine that is our body, day in, day out?  In the labyrinth of organs, find out more about some of these vital cogs in the machine with cross-sections and representations, games and experiments and enlightening animations, as well as by observing real, larger than life skeletons, hearts and brains!

Some surprising new displays!

In each of the areas you’ll find displays showcasing comparative anatomy. Male and Female are part of Human Life. What are the differences and similarities compared with this or that species? Travellers are taken on a journey of surprise and admiration!

You can also observe the skin of different animals – hair, feathers, shedding, why so much diversity? And different systems for breathing, alongside the human lung.

When it comes to sex, stomachs and kidneys there’s lots to see too… some surprising exhibits that might come as a bit of a shock to some of you!!! For example, in seahorses, it’s the male that carries the baby, and baby koalas eat their mothers’ excrement to help their digestion. Plus many more surprising stories about our organs and those of our animal friends.

An exhibition that will be suitable for youngsters, but one that will also give older visitors plenty to think about.

Activities for everyone

During the Christmas holidays, the Pass is open from 26 to 30 December, and from 2 to 6 January, between 10am and 6pm.

So make the most of your day at the Pass to rediscover the other exhibitions and take part in different activities. In the chemistry lab or the digital area, in the incomplete house, or the Story Loft, there are guided activities for every age and for every passion! And as the human body is being put under the spotlight, little ones can have a go at playing doctor, slip into their white coat and operate on their teddy…