The Garage

The former engine shed for coal locomotives has been transformed into a seminar and meeting room.

Large room in the Garage 90 m²   90 people
Small room in the Garage  50 m²   40 people

The architect has imagined a kind of wood and polycarbonate box, embedded within the restored remains of the original building. The old bricks of the former shed are still there, and the new rooms fit inside in a wonderfully natural way.

What the Garage can bring to your seminars and meetings:

  • light: everything has been designed to ensure visual comfort and improve concentration: ceiling heights, lighting, the option of totally or partially screening the roof windows, the presence of diffuse daylight;
  • equipment: the main room in the Garage is equipped for seminars with video projection, amplification, video conferencing, etc.;
  • a breath of fresh air: the wide open spaces outside enable you to punctutate your seminars with much-appreciated breathers;
  • combine your event with an opportunity to relax, a cultural experience or a good meal.
  • Only rent for corporate events