The Palace of images

An unusual auditorium, with images projected onto 5 surfaces of a giant cube.

Like all major science museums, the Pass wanted to acquire the facilities for big-screen shows.

The Palace of images   350 m² 140 people

The Palace of images is like a strange craft, a kind of giant Zeppelin, providing a 5-dimensional show provisionally lasting for 20 minutes.

Linked to the main Pass'erelle by a small transparent walkway, the Palace of images adds the finishing architectural touch, while lending order to the route taken by visitors. Complementing and balancing the broad scientific fields already covered by the Pass, the Palace of images will present a show focusing on the major questions and challenges facing humanity in the 21st century.

The remainder of the space is occupied by an exhibition area and a cafeteria.

You will also find a superb terrace to combine interior and external activities.