Rent a room at the Pass

Exclusive spaces for your event - it's all happening at the Pass!

The Pass has a multi-purpose infrastructure providing scope for bold ideas and encouraging imagination, whilst maintaining strict professional standards.
The Silo Quarter: five rooms available for your exclusive use

The Silo



The Silo offers a restaurant and bar on the ground floor with a room above providing panoramic views. The rooms can be used together, with a glass slab floor providing stunning lines between the two levels..

Ground floor of the Silo     225 m² 220 people
First floor of the Silo   260 m²  250 people




The Trémies, or Hopper Room, is a magnificent concrete cathedral with a wonderful purity of line, lending itself to parties, receptions and conferences.

TheTrémies 600 m²  300 people


Event marquee hosting



The Pass has further enhanced its infrastructure by installing a foundation to accommodate your event marquee. Given that the foundations are a large part of the costs associated with using a marquee, this is a major advantage, especially as the location is easily accessible and offers ample parking.

Event marquee Max. 1575 m²   Depending on dimensions