A summer under the stars with Pass !

Published on 2017-06-02 12:00:00.

Have you always wanted to shoot for the stars? Or even get lost in the immensity of the universe around us? Spend the summer with PASS! We have concocted a special programme for you featuring a comet exhibition, experiments, animated films for the summer holidays!

This summer, the PASS team has chosen to put the spotlight on a key theme: Space and the Stars. In addition to the continuous exhibitions and regular activities, visitors will be able to discover a whole area dedicated to astronomy and will be able to participate in family activities on the subject for two months. Small children will also have their own starry area and the Palace of Images will be showing “Polaris”, a high-quality animation.

This summer event will culminate with the Night of Stars weekend on 5th and 6th August. 


The planetarium is an activity you won’t want to miss!  Planetarium

Here you can discover more about the stars which illuminate the skies.
For several years, during the Night of Stars weekend, UMONS has allowed the public to travel throughout the constellations and to learn more about the myths surrounding them with their inflatable planetarium.

The planetarium will be open for the 2 months of summer!

Several shows every day.

WARNING : the 09th and 16th August the planetarium will be closed.


  • Expo Lab « In pursuit of a comet »


All summer, Pass will also be welcoming the Expo/lab “In pursuit of a comet” from the “City of Space”, Toulouse, considered to be one of the key places for the popularisation of scientific knowledge in the field of space and astronomy.

This expo lab includes:

- an “exhibition” area where visitors can freely explore the world of comets.
- a “laboratory” area where presenters will provide original experiences and manipulate concepts as diverse as the extreme cold which reigns far from the Sun, the intense heat as you approach it or the shooting stars, to give the public a greater understanding of how the solar system works...

Open every day from 1:30pm.

  • little space explorers in the mini astro village


This spot is exclusively reserved for children 7 years and under. It is located next to the expo lab. The area is divided into several zones with activities, animations, crafts, books you can flip through as you catch your breath, board games the whole family can enjoy...





  • Astronomic pixel factory

Wow zone


The new digital lab will also be dedicated to the theme of astronomy. The visitors will create a star projection box with the laser cutter - a small perforated box that you simply light up.








In the Palace of Images, the Pass theatre, visitors will marvel at the animated film “Polaris, the space submarine and the mystery of the polar night”. They will follow the adventures of James, a travelling penguin from the South Pole, and Vladimir, a funny bear from the North Pole, who both wonder why the night is so long in both poles of the Earth. Produced by the Saint Etienne Observatory, this animated film deals with themes such as the scientific process, the polar night and even the planets of our solar system.

28 minutes - 5 years and older.

  • Warning: some activities will only be available in French.
  • This programme will be added to the regular Pass programming: see other activities