Energy, new dreams

Published on 2015-05-20 16:00:00.

Energy new dreams


The new exhibition TO the Pass

Mechanical, chemical or nuclear energy.

Energy that makes things grow, or makes things move.

Energy that's transferred, or that's stored.

Energy transforms. Energy transfers.

Non-stop. Everywhere.

Grey energy, green energy.

Fossil fuels or renewable energy.

Energy that animates and energy that fascinates.

The energies of yesterday and the energies of tomorrow

come and enter the complex world of energy.

The exhibition "Energy, new dreams" offers the chance to explore the world of energy in three acts, allowing everyone

  • to discover the scientific facts hiding behind our everyday lives,
  • to visualise, in the blink of an eye, the main challenges faced by the societies of today,
  • and to dream of innovations and research carried out by those seeking to reinvent our future and limit the impact of our actions on planet earth.

An energetic journey, a source of meditation - made up of animated architecture, moving sculptures and poetic installations blending physical and human science - inviting visitors to form their own opinion on a subject that is just as important for the planet as it is vital for man.


A scientific exhibition, but what else ?

Although the approach developed by this new exhibition is faithful the the Pass's mission to make the public aware of science and technology, as well as to provoke debate and raise questions, it still remains a place where experiments take place and discoveries happen.

As a family, have fun watching the different manifestations of energy around the "experimentation tables". Touch, move, dream. Children and parents can actively participate in discovering the content.


New dreams

Faced with the vital challenges for the planet and mankind associated with this theme, there are people working hard to innovate, research and find new ways of consuming, experiencing and sharing energy. Some of these projects are still dreams and others already a reality.

This exhibition offers you the chance to come and discover what our future energy might look like, projects that will make you both reflect and dream, and what concrete solutions man has already come up with.


Mons 2015

The new exhibition is part of the wider Mons 2015 programme.