Nature 2.0: new exhibition

Published on 2018-03-02 10:00:00.

We all have an idea of what nature is, we use the word all the time. But what are our perceptions of what is and isn’t natural based on? Can we trust them? Do these ideas need to change as science and technology evolve?

Candy food

While the boundaries between the real and the virtual, the artificial and the living become narrower, are the concepts of a “sustainable society”, “protecting the environment” and “technological innovation” compatible? Is it even possible to use scientific research to change our relationship with nature and make it more harmonious?

The Nature 2.0 exhibition is keen to shatter our preconceptions of homo civilis and gives visitors the chance to explore a remixed version of the future in which the relationship between humans and nature, as creative and surprising as it may be, is a driving force behind sustainable development and innovation.

Cradle-to-cradle synthetic grass, sweet treats made from edible insects, aquaponics, 3D printed food, shoes made from pineapples, robots inspired by animals, mosquito vaccinations... the ingredients of this “more real than nature” exhibition, sometimes veering on utopic and pushing the boundaries of ethics, won’t fail to open visitors’ critical minds.

Why Nature 2.0?

In the field of the World Wide Web, 2.0 marks developments that have followed the original form of the web. This historic transition period, fuelled by thoughts on interfaces, the creation of new systems for users to interact and the emergence of new functions, has fundamentally changed our daily lives and our relationships with others.

The purpose of the Nature 2.0 exhibition is to explore this transition period, which is set to guide us towards a more sustainable world. A world which, over time, is erasing the boundaries between the natural and the artificial, liberating human thought from its old approach to representing nature, and helping us imagine a future in which the relationship between humans and nature has been totally reinvented.

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