Our prices are going up in 2017. Please allow us to explain.

Published on 2017-01-09 09:00:00.

Since 2014, our teams have tirelessly invested in renewing the cultural content and areas of Pass. The new areas to the public have been numerous. In 2017, more than 2,000 additional square meters will be made available for our visitors to discover, our prices will go up slightly to better correspond to our current and future offering. 

As those who have already walked through our doors can attest: Pass is not your typical place, with 12 immersive areas, supplemented by activity areas where our presenters accompany visitors and invite them to discover a scientific subject or phenomenon in a fun away. 

Experience, whether offered in the 12 areas or through workshops, is the centrepiece of our positioning. We therefore make every endeavour to enhance our interactive systems and continuously new ways of thrilling our visitors

In 2017, we will open no fewer than five new areas! As well as a closed building which was previously closed to the public. A digital laboratory, an expo-lab on chemistry, an exhibition on relationships between humans and nature. There is plenty to enjoy with the family and spend a exciting day with us.

In order to keep in line with the scope of our offering, our prices are going up slightly. For example, the price of an Adult ticket will go up from €12.5. to €15.00. The price of a Child's ticket will in turn go up from €9.50 to €10.00. Of course, buying your tickets on line will still help you save money. 

We are convinced that your will understand our position and your presence at our sides will attest to your support for this unique place, where scientific culture and educational fun combine together in perfect harmony. 


Arnaud De Coster
Director of Communication & Marketing

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