The Pass'Age of Discoverers

Published on 2014-12-08 16:00:00.

the Pass'Age of Discoverers: a new space just for children aged 3 to 7.

Surprising encounters in a strange forest, light games and illusions to experience with your body, a super cool district to design and build… The new Pass'Age of Discoverers: three thematic exhibitions to explore for kids aged 3 years and over.

Specially designed for very young kids, it will place various experiences in three worlds filled with colour and sensations and packed with things to do, directly accessible to children.

 Because it's never too soon to discover the world and yourself through your environment!

Following the success of the Building site, the Pass's headline space and activity for kids, the time has come to offer them even more room to learn and experiment.

Three worlds, three themes and the same desire to invite children and parents to share a fun and educational cultural experience!

An overview of the Pass'Age of Discoverers

The corridor of strange illusions : entering the Pass'Age of Discoverers is already a whole new adventure! Crossing the corridor and descending the stairwell or lift will transport you to another world, passing through a magical universe of illusions...


Crawl like a mole, hide in the long grass, follow the paw prints of rabbits, see like a bee: so many perspectives to experience on the paths of the animals that live in this strange forest!


Play with your shadow, dance with light or discover your distorted reflection in glasses: the secrets of light, both poetic and scientific!

The super-cool district

In this space, little ones will once again want to build a house: the incomplete shack. But they can also invent the contours of the town or build a bridge to access it or transform themselves into a plumber or architect. Did you say a life-size building game?

 Young visitors will be guided in the company of a jolly band characters, the Loustics, and with them they will discover these spaces: cheerful and fun, these characters will fill the spaces to help kids feel welcome.

Why not come and visit the Pass'age of discoverers ?

  • a space just for the youngest of kids with specially designed features
  • an immersive and educational approach to culture
  • the active involvement of kids in discovering the content
  • an intergenerational space
  • original and welcoming scenography

 Practical information

  • discover as a family during the school holidays, every day from 10am to 6pm.
  • free entry up to 6 years of age.