Together! te Pass’ new film

Published on 2016-05-27 14:00:00.

From 1 July onwards you’ll be able to see the Pass’ new film, created especially for the five big screens of the Palace of Images: Together! is a resolutely positive film, presenting a series of portraits of citizens who are taking action to save the planet.

 Last year, the Pass opened its exhibition “Energy, new dreams”. The last section of the exhibition showcases a series of innovative projects from the four corners of the world.

Acting as an extension of this space, the film “Together!” takes a positive and practical approach to the subject of sustainable development.

With the five large screens of the Palace of Images fully immersing spectators in the subject, the twenty-minute film presents a mosaic of innovative, creative and sustainable initiatives, staying far removed from the general fatalism that so often prevails.

Following the lead of Rob Hopkins, the founder of the “Villes en Transition” movement, citizens present their vision of the planet’s future and above all their ideas for how to change the way we live for the better…

The film was co-produced by Altitude 100 and Pass.

We met with Güldem Durmaz, a documentary producer for Altitude 100, and Nathalie Cimino, a museographer at the Pass.

  •  How does the film “Together!” tie in with the exhibition “Energy, new dreams”, which opened in 2015?

- NC: The film acts as an extension of the “realm of possibilities”, the last area of the exhibition, which is dedicated to energy. It shows the huge wealth of ideas and solutions for the future emerging in every field and at all levels: from researchers to citizens and collectives, etc. The film really shows all the energy and enthusiasm of the people working at their different levels to address the environmental and social issues we face in this century.

  •  Why is it called “Together!”?

- NC: For sustainable development, there is no predefined routemap, no single, one-fix-all solution, but there is a real diversity of ideas and experiences to be shared. Faced with these global issues, the response can only be collective action, with everyone bringing their own knowledge, skills and expertise to the table!

- GD: The film acts, in a way, as a huge shared suggestion box from which everyone can choose alternative ways of living that work at their level, and that can include something as simple as neighbours sharing ideas with each other!

  •   The film also focuses on mankind’s ingenuity, its ability to bounce back in all circumstances…

- NC: The film traces the history of a certain part of mankind’s journey, up to the industrial revolution. Human creativity has enabled the world to make huge progression. Obviously there have been failures. But the incredible genius of man that has brought us this far is in no danger of running out. It will help pave the way to a new revolution and lead us to change the way we live for the better.
We have reached an important historical moment. The increasing scarcity of fossil fuels and the urgency of environmental issues are pushing us to reinvent our society.

  •   What is the one sentence that you would like people to take away from the film?

GD: For us, Gilbert Cardon, founder of the “Fraternités Ouvrières” of Mouscron, sums up the spirit of the film beautifully: “Together, everything is possible!”