With the Wow Zone, take the digital world into your own hands!

Published on 2017-03-13 11:00:00.

With the Wow Zone and the Pixel Factory, take the digital world into your own hands!

From 1st April, the Pass is opening a new space, entirely dedicated to digital technology, on the ground floor of the former Machine Room. The exposition has 5 interactive dreamy and wonderful activities; while the ‘lab’ has the keys and the tools for how to use this technology. From the youngest age up!

Smartphones and tablets, 3D printers or robotic surgeons: digital technology is ever-present in daily lives! In our relationships with others and the world, in all sectors of society, from medicine to manufacturing, from culture to communication.

Since its opening, the Pass has featured technology and has acquired expertise over the years which it hopes will continue to grow with this ambitious project on technology. Thanks to support from the Walloon region, particularly the Digital Wallonia project supported by the Marcourt Ministry, the Pass has currently dedicated a double space to digital technology.


These two complimentary spaces will occupy the ground floor of the Machine Room from 1st April 2017, a place full of history, and marked by innovative technology.


Rich poetry and creativity may blossom from technology! Take the helm of a virtual boat, murmur or shout to “see” your voice dance, listen to the machine sing at the touch of your hands…

In the Wow Zone, it is the visitor who dialogues and interacts to bring 5 digital works of art to life and to explore the limits between the real and the virtual world or the relationship between man and machine through poetry. Artists play with the architecture, the brick walls and the hidden cavities.

An original look at digital technology, where sounds, lights and movements work together to take you on an extraordinary journey.
In this “fantastic cross over”, you will find: 

  • Moviola, by Marcio Ambrosio

Using the helm and its handles, take control of Moviola. Travel to new horizons, between the real and virtual worlds. Supported by IMAL.

  • Discursive mechanisms, by Fred Penelle and Yannick Jacquet

Observe the multiple cogs of the Discursive Mechanisms. Let this poetic machine take you on a journey as it spreads itself on the walls like a game of the goose. A surprising video-mapping device which plays with the brick niches.

  • Social Boids, by Chevalvert

The SoBos are little beings of light, they are sensitive to your presence... Move, stay still, approach the wall slowly and learn to tame them.

  • Murmur, by Chevalvert, 2Roqs, Splank, Polygraphik

Murmur, speak, whisper in the echo room and admire your own sound waves as they move towards the walls.

  • The singing of machines, by Hovertone

Make the machines sing, do not be afraid to touch and wake them up, and listen to the melodies they create... The multi-projection system has been updated in collaboration with CLICK ‘Living Lab of Creative Industries - Numediart Institue)’.



PIXEL FACTORY, a place of creativity

The Pixel factory is the “laboratory” where everyone can take technology and digital techniques into their hands.

  • Animation space for discovering tools and machines, to use languages, understand social issues or even fix and let your creativity run wild.
  • The animation team has developed a complete programme of activities accessible to all: among them is the possibility to test the 3D printer, to create one's own smartphone application or to modify software and personalize it.
  • In 21st century tool box, a classic printer and 3D printers, a laser cutter and vinyl cutter, a workbench to fix electronic parts or to do a bit of joinery, and even a digital knitter! 
  • Accessible to the whole family, from now on this large workshop welcomes all your desires to take the digital world in hand! But it also wants to witness the incredible vitality of the new fab labs, “Do It Yourself” and other data sharing initiatives and trending expertise in our society.

The space is accessible depending on the animation schedules available at the Info booth.

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