The Pass

3 Rue de Mons
7080 Frameries

By car

Accès Pass

To access to the museum, visitors (excluding suppliers) should take the first exit on the right (white arrow on the map). You can also write the address rue de Mons 19A – 7080 Frameries.

** ROADWORKS ON THE E19-E42 // Watch out for the exit **

Major roadworks are currently underway on the motorway between Obourg and Saint-Ghislain affecting Paris/Tournai-bound traffic.
As well as slowing down the flow of traffic, this is significantly reducing the visibility of exit 24, which leads to the Pass. Watch out and keep in the right-hand lane.

Free parking (300 parking spaces) – Parking spaces reserved to disabled people and bus.


By bus and train

Stop Gare de Mons (6 km) and Bus Tec Hainaut line 1 (Mons – Saint-Ghislain) or 2 (Mons – Dour Trichères) – Bus stop ‘Cuesmes – Pass’.


Access to the Pass