Health measures

In accordance with the recommendations put together by the consultative committee, the Pass is introducing a series of health measures to make sure the site can reopen safely. Our teams are doing everything they can to make sure they can welcome you in the best possible conditions whilst respecting the unique nature of our site: a venue dedicated to interaction and experiences.

Book your visit
Buy your ticket and book your visit online in advance.
Your tickets are only valid on the day specified when purchased to limit the number of visitors each day. Booking is mandatory.

Season tickets, free tickets, discounts

Anybody with a season ticket must also get a ticket online (> season ticket visit €0) to book a day for their visit. The same is true for anyone entitled to a discount or free ticket.

Measures in place for visitors
All protective measures continue to apply during your visit.

  • Masks are compulsory for those over the age of 12
  • Wash your hands before you enter any new area
  • Follow the floor markings and signs showing which way to go
  • Stay 1.5m away from others where necessary
  • Enfant masqué qui fait stop avec sa main

    Measures in place in the museum space
    To ensure the best safety conditions:


  • Hand sanitiser at the entrance and exit of each area
  • Enhanced cleaning of different areas and bathrooms
  • The shop and cloakrooms are closed
  • Jack sockets have been installed for some experiments.
  • Bring your own earphones to listen to the material safely.

  • Social distancing

  • Routes marked with arrows and signs that must be followed
  • Separate entrances and exits
  • “COVID” information in three languages in each area
  • Plexi screens at reception
  • Palace of Images is open
  • Lifts and travelators available to those with disabilities and pushchairs

  • Catering

  • Catering on site (inside or on the terrace)
  • Picnics allowed
  • Any questions ?

    Will the café be open?

    Yes, the Cafeteria is open. Catering on site (inside or on the terrace) and picnics allowed.

    Will the play area be open?

    Yes. The play area is open.

    Do I have to book a timeslot for my visit?

    No, there are no time slots for visits. However, you do need to choose the date for your visit when you buy your tickets.

    Do I have to buy my tickets online?

    Unless otherwise specified, all tickets must be purchased online so that we can manage daily numbers.
    When you buy your ticket, you will need to choose a date for your visit. Your tickets will only be valid on this date. If numbers allow it on the day and you have forgotten to buy your tickets online, you may be able to buy them when you are here.  Unused tickets will no longer be valid.

    To use Sodexo/Edenred/Frameries/Sport et culture vouchers, you can buy your tickets directly from the ticket office on the day of your visit.

    Can I come with my whole family, or is the number of people per family limited?

    You can come with your family, as long as you respect contact bubbles and social distancing by staying away from visitors to the site.

    I would like to take out a season ticket. Do I have to buy it online?

    You can buy a season pass at the end of your visit – if you do so, the value of your ticket for that day will be deducted from the price of your pass.

    Otherwise, you can buy a season pass online before you come, and pick it up on the day from the ticket office.

    I have free tickets or gift vouchers for the Pass. Has their expiry date been extended?

    Apart from tickets/gift vouchers that expired before 13 March 2020, all tickets/gift vouchers will be extended until 30.06.2021

    We would like to come in a group. Is that possible?

    To guarantee the best possible conditions for visitors, group visits are currently restricted. Reservation required via or 065 61 21 60.

    I have a season ticket. Will it be extended?

    Apart from season tickets that expired before 13 March 2020, all active season tickets will be extended on a prorata basis for the days on which the Pass was closed.

    I would like to book a room for an event. Is that possible?

    If you would like to organise an event at the Pass and/or hire a room, you can contact the events department by emailing
    Depending on availability and subject to the measures taken by the CNS about gatherings during events.