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The Palace of images

The Pass's auditorium

The Palace of Images is the Pass’s auditorium. The unusual layout means a film can be projected onto 5 sides of a giant cube, immersing the audience into a world of 100m² images.

The icing on the cake of what the Pass has to offer, the films shown in the Palace of Images are all about the major questions and challenges faced by humans in the 21st century. Contrasting images encourage questions and get the audience thinking.

The Palace of Images also regularly puts on films and animations produced by external organisations specialising in spreading the word about science.

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Together !

When mankind’s creativity changes the world…

A resolutely positive film, Together! presents a mosaic of innovative, creative and sustainable initiatives, staying far removed from the general fatalism that so often prevails.

The film invites visitors to immerse themselves further in the subject, presenting portraits of citizens taking action to save the planet.

With the five large screens of the Palace of Images fully, spectators discover how a shared vegetable patch or a repair café can create bonds and how one island became energy self-sufficient.

Following the lead of Rob Hopkins, the founder of the “Villes en Transition” movement, citizens, entrepreneurs and thinkers present their vision of the planet’s future and above all their ideas for how to change the way we live for the better…

The film was produced by Güldem Durmaz and co-produced by Altitude 100 and Pass.

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Water is as essential as air, and yet access to it is not at all equal.
This illustrated journey helps us understand the challenges of access to water around the Planet.
A striking contrast between the captivating images of water on Earth and the suffering of those deprived of the right to this essential element. The figures tell their own story too. To remind us that we are responsible for the resources at our disposal, and that we are at a crossroads, as dependent on water as the fish that guides us through the images.